Consumer Trends and Hotel Shopping

Posted on September 29, 2010


Shopping for a Hotel, not so direct

Shopping for a Hotel, not so direct

At WIHP we’ve been analysing shopper trends like many marketers do. Something that struck me recently was just how much shopping goes on before someone selects a hotel.

The average internet user checks out at least 6 hotel websites before doing their booking. The average internet user takes over 24 hours between their first search for a hotel to their final reservation. The billboard effect from OTAs plays an important role as well since most of the hotel searches happen by typing in the hotel’s name.

An independent hotel’s hope for success in what is the largest online business (travel) isn’t the highest unless they have a strong online presence, which must consist of Social Media + Search Engine Optimization + Design, and these elements must all coordinate around the most important message of all – added value.

If there is one message that has to shine through on all your marketing it is VALUE FOR MONEY.

Martin Soler is the VP Production at WIHP which is one of the leading European Hotel Marketing agencies producing websites, online marketing strategies, social media campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns. WIHP also does yield consulting, branding strategies and hotel reputation management with its divisions staffed by hoteliers, marketing experts, designers and SEO professionals.