Consumer Trends and Hotel Shopping

September 29, 2010


Shopping for a Hotel, not so direct

At WIHP we’ve been analysing shopper trends like many marketers do. Something that struck me recently was just how much shopping goes on before someone selects a hotel. The average internet user checks out at least 6 hotel websites before doing their booking. The average internet user takes over 24 hours between their first search […]

Importance of the Tripadvisor Link

September 20, 2010


Tripadvisor Link - worth 1000 euros?

I noticed quite some hotels have not purchased the link to their website on their Tripadvisor page, which was understandable at first. I purchased the link for some hotels I was consulting to see the result. Of course like everything new we thought this would be an avalanche of visits and bookings. After all we […]

5 tips for Hotels on Facebook

September 17, 2010


Facebook for Hotels

Running the Social media campaigns for some 60 hotels currently and more coming every month we’ve gotten to see a few points that hotels should follow when in comes to doing their Facebook page especially independent hotels. 1. Have a Facebook page. If you’re not sure whether you should be keeping a Facebook page then […]

The end of Boutique hotels as we know them

September 14, 2010


Levitating bed in Hotel Seven Paris

When I met Philippe Vaurs who briefed me on the latest hotel he was creating I realized a major shift is happening on hotel trends. Boutique hotels which have been the trend over the last decade are no longer enough. People want more than a great design or a unique feel, they want to live […]

Booking Engine’s more important than you think

September 1, 2010


From a long review of online bookings on hotel websites. With more than 300 hotels surveyed one very important important factor has become very obvious. Your Booking Engine is more important than you think. In fact upward of 60% of the navigation by the customers happens on the booking engine. If you booking engine can […]

Tripadvisor relationship status: it’s complicated

August 31, 2010


TripAdvisor's Logo

As Tripadvisor rolls out their new business model, getting hotels to pay for direct access to their web sites, they are increasingly stepping into a complicated relationship with hotels. Tripadvisor states they have signed up 16,000 hotels for their “buy a link” program. At an average of about $750 per link this means a revenue […]

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Photography in Hotel Marketing

August 30, 2010


When you’re promoting a hotel you’re promoting a place to stay. Someone is going to actually “live” in that space for a longer or shorter period. No matter how many great words someone can write about the place – it’s not going to replace a photo. In fact from a recent study done, the quantity […]